Special Education


Heartland Agency recognizes the critical role that early learning opportunities play in a child’s life. The early years are a time of great growth, as families and caregivers work together to help children “build better brains.”


The classrooms at Heartland Agency are led by certified teachers and support staff, with favourable child-to-staff ratios that allow us to focus on each child’s individual needs and areas for growth. As an independent school, Heartland works to modify the curriculum set out by Alberta Education in order to meet the diverse learning needs of all children. Within a play-based and Reggio-Emilia inspired environment, children’s imaginations and intellect are sparked through provocations that take advantage of the world around us.


Classroom teams, supported by a multi-disciplinary team of professional therapists and resource staff, identify and support the unique learning needs of each child. Parents are an integral part of programming, and home visits from classroom staff support the generalization of skills across all environments. Under the mandate of Alberta Education, Heartland offers exceptional services for children who qualify for Program Unit Funding (PUF).

Special education programming is offered at our Mayland Heights, Monterey Park and Signal Hill locations. For more information, please contact our head office at (403) 541-0277.




Therapy Team Members


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