Back to School

The leaves are changing and Pumpkin Spice has officially made it’s comeback (just ask our educators!)
The staff at EvenStart is working diligently to prepare for 227 children scheduled to walk through our
doors on September 4 th . All summer our support staff has been preparing name tags, bus routes, visuals,
and connecting with families to support them through the big transition that is “BACK TO SCHOOL” or
for many of our children the “FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL” ever!

The beginning of a new school year is bittersweet as we look forward to meeting new faces that will take
their place in a classroom where other amazing kids full of potential had completed their program 2
months prior. Saying goodbye to children who are now entering typical community schools is never easy,
but knowing the EvenStart Foundation has made it’s impact, and prepared them for life’s experiences
and challenges, makes it all worthwhile.

New faces mean new challenges, new opportunities, and all new stories. The progress these little
children will make over their years of programming with us will no doubt alter their trajectory and unlock
their potential. The holistic approach we take on ensuring the entire family receives the support,
connection and the intervention they need opens up the possibility of ending cyclical poverty, abuse,
neglect and trauma in our most vulnerable communities.

We as educators, therapists, and support staff are aware of the influence and responsibility we have to
these beautiful children. There is nothing more inspiring or heartwarming than seeing a child who
entered our program lacking in confidence, unable to communicate, and facing whatever challenges
their developmental delays have created, exit the program with the tools, support, and progress made to
enter a typical program with their peers in the community.

The work we do is special! And we can’t wait to get started.


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