Food for thought

What does it mean to provide nutritional meals to our children? It means EVERYTHING to a child in need.

Here at the EvenStart Program we provide breakfast, lunch, and 2 snacks per day to all the children who walk through our doors. At Mayland Heights, our on-site Chef Ray and his assistant Leah say they “cook with love” and ensure there’s enough food, and options, to keep all the little bellies full. Meeting the needs of our demographic means accommodating many allergies, religious beliefs, and developmental delays that influence a child’s eating habits.

Our meals play a big part in our holistic nutritional program. The value of lessoning food insecurity in our children’s lives cannot be understated. Our children KNOW that when they arrive at school they will be greeted by friendly faces and a delicious meal. Once their nutritional needs are met, we are able to focus on their developmental needs, and see them meet their potential.

Feeding the masses is no easy task, but our chefs and support team are up for the challenge every day!


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